How it Works-Client

The steps are simple, and it's free to post a question

  1. Post your project
    Post your project- Absolutely free
  2. Payment.
    Choose how much money you want to pay for the project. Deposit pay to our account
  3. Choose the perfect freelancer
    • After posting your project, you immediately start receiving proposals.
    • Browse freelancer profiles
    • Compare proposals and select the best one
    • Award your project and your freelancer goes to work
  4. Pay when you are satisfied!
    Once you receive your project/w


Our pricing plan is controlled by clients and writers. Clients can place orders and determine how much they will pay for their projects. On the other hand, writers can propose the ideal cost of a project depending on what needs to be done in a particular project. Writers are advised to bid if they are comfortable with the pay proposed by the client.

Fees and Charges

Posting of project by client is absolutely free. The company deducts 30% of the total fee paid to writer. Writers must therefore understand this when bidding on projects


Essayforstudents is absolutely free to sign up, post a project, receive bids from freelancers, review the writer’s portfolio and discussing on the project requirements. It’s also free for writers to register, view available projects, place bids and discuss on project requirements